Case Studies

  • shell_supply_chain_web.jpg

    Shell Supply Chain Web

    Shell Group (The Royal Dutch) is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies. The aim of the Shell Group is to meet the energy needs of society, in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally viable, now and in the future. Shell Indonesia – Supply Chain & Operation, is a part of Shell Group located in Jakarta. Supply Chain & Operation (SCO) of Shell Companies in Indonesia (SCI) has been using financial software from Sun Systems for managing SCO’s activity.

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  • Gradian Local Distribution System

    Gradian Local Distribution System is web based multi airline reservation system. This application designed to enabled travel agent book reservation in Indonesian airlines. That’s why it’s called Local Distribution System because the scope of this application is local (Indonesian airlines). PT Gradian Data System is focused in providing the benefits of integrated reservation system like GDS (Global Distribution System) but with much lower cost for Indonesian airlines.


    Provide functionality and benefits of GDS to travel agents with much lower cost by reducing network communication and computing infrastructure cost.

    Main Features

    • Adopt entry style from mainframe GDS application to accomodate travel agents familiarity with mainframe GDS.

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  • lpmak_sid.jpg

    LPMAK Scholarship Interactive Database Enhancement

    Lembaga Pengembangan Masyarakat Amungme dan Kamoro (LPMAK) is an organization sponsored by PT Freeport Indonesia (PT FI) whose mission is to develop local community, especially Amungme and Kamoro. They are responsible for managing fund given by PT FI and supervise the programs. Monitoring Scholarship Program is one of the LPMAK activity.

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  • mosaiq-monitor1.png

    Mosaiq Monitor

    “Driving profitable sales through performance control”

    Application package that enable companies with extensive field operations to effectively and efficiently track, manage and interact with their sales force. In consequence, helping companies achieving profitable sales while boosting their sales force productivities.

    The Challenge
    One of the most daunting tasks of pharmaceutical, distribution, logistics and any similar company is to manage and maximize the productivity of their sales force:
    . How can they make sure that their sales forces fulfill their previously planned schedules?

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  • mosaiq_purchaser.png

    Mosaiq Purchaser

    “Productivity grow faster, smarter, and more responsibly”

    Mosaiq Purchaser
    An industry strength, yet highly flexible, integrated purchasing management solution, Mosaiq Purchaser puts together all the necessary tools to automate daily supply requests and purchases.

    Time-Wasting but Inevitable
    In many organizations, filling requests for new supplies can be a dreadful task. Paper forms have to be manually filled and shoved up the company hierarchy of authorities for approvals. When they get buried on a supervisor’s desk, they can be buried forever. Meanwhile, work has to continue. A lot of headaches, a lot of wasted time and resources, and a lot of missed opportunities.

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