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JogjaMediaNet Customer Care & Billing

JogjaMediaNet is a company located in Yogyakarta that provides cable network services. Types of services provided by JogjaMediaNet are: Internet Service Provider (ISP), Cable TV, Voice over IP (VoIP), Hosting, Collocation.


JogjaMediaNet needs an information system in order to improve customer relationship.

Main Features

  1. Customer Menu
    • Registration.
    • Writing List.
    • Field Task.
    • Invoicing.
    • Complaint.
    • One Account Multi Services.
  2. Network Menu
    • Network Coverage.
    • Disconnection.
  3. Services Menu
    • Services Administration.
    • Special Promo Discount.
    • Individual Customer Discount.
    • Credit Payment.
  4. Operational Reports
    • Customer Report.
    • Complain Report.
    • Waiting List Report.
    • Complaint Report.
    • Network Utilization Report.
    • Material Usage Report.
    • Quality of Service Report.
  5. Financial Reports
    • Net Income Report.
    • VAT Report.
    • Account Receivables Report.
    • Income Projection Report.

Solution developed integrated information system named “Customer Care & Billing System” (CCBS). CCBS provides customer care facility from registration to automatic monthly billing info generation. CCBS also provides complete reporting facility to inform JogjaMediaNet services performance.