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Mosaiq Monitor

“Driving profitable sales through performance control”

Application package that enable companies with extensive field operations to effectively and efficiently track, manage and interact with their sales force. In consequence, helping companies achieving profitable sales while boosting their sales force productivities.

The Challenge
One of the most daunting tasks of pharmaceutical, distribution, logistics and any similar company is to manage and maximize the productivity of their sales force:
. How can they make sure that their sales forces fulfill their previously planned schedules?
. How can they monitor the overall performance of each sales force?
. How can companies obtain their sales forces and sales performance information more accurately?

Facilitating Sales Force Management Tasks
Answering the challenge, Mosaiq Monitor application supports sales force management process and ensures that the highest level of productivity is achieved. The “Activity Performance Module” in Mosaiq Monitor manages sales forces targets, plans, and activities, while the “Sales Performance Module” manages target and sales of each product for each sales force. Not only that, Mosaiq Monitor also provides management to review overall achievement through various provided.

Implementation Roadmap
Mosaiq Monitor is a modular, easy to deploy and user-friendly application. To achieve the best application performance, it is recommended to have an implementation roadmap from activity performance module implementation, and sales performance module implementation.


  • System Authentication ( password protected )
  • User Authorization ( module management )
  • User Management ( access control list )
  • System Logging


  • Ensuring sales target achievement through sales force performance
  • Providing companies executive dashboard that enable management to acquire important Information at instant
  • Systematic and timely executive performance analysis
  • Alerting Companies when some atypical trend is detected. One example when the value is on the contrary
  • Support sales force daily activities starts from planning their visits and compare his plan with his actual performance. His supervisor will also know how effectively he spends his time in the field
  • Centralized database to eliminate data redundancy and synchronize latest information between field forces
  • Historical data tracking efficiency


  • PT Kimia Farma ( persero ), Tbk
  • PT Novartis Biochemie
  • PT Phapros Indonesia, Tbk
  • PT Servier Indonesia
  • PT Tempo Scan Pacific
  • PT Sandoz Indonesia
  • PT GlaxoSmithkline
  • PT Pfizer Indonesia
  • PT Prima Hexal