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Gradian Local Distribution System

Gradian Local Distribution System is web based multi airline reservation system. This application designed to enabled travel agent book reservation in Indonesian airlines. That’s why it’s called Local Distribution System because the scope of this application is local (Indonesian airlines). PT Gradian Data System is focused in providing the benefits of integrated reservation system like GDS (Global Distribution System) but with much lower cost for Indonesian airlines.


Provide functionality and benefits of GDS to travel agents with much lower cost by reducing network communication and computing infrastructure cost.

Main Features

  • Adopt entry style from mainframe GDS application to accomodate travel agents familiarity with mainframe GDS.
  • Single entry to access different host mainframe. LDS will map LDS entry to each host mainframe entry.
  • Online integrated availability information from many Indonesian airlines.
  • Online booking capability with many Indonesian airlines.
  • Automatically map one LDS booking to many booking in many host as needed. You can book one flight which Involves many Indonesian airlines in a single booking.


  • Platform: Java 2 SDK and .NET Framework.
  • Web Server: Tomcat.
  • Web Framework: JPublish.
  • Database Layer: iBatis.
  • Built Tools: Ant.
  • Test Tools: JUnit and JMeter.
  • Relational Database: MaxDB.
  • Messaging Server: ActiveMQ.
  • Communication Java with .NET: XML-RPC.
  • Library: Javolution, JScience, JodaTime, CGLIB.
  • IDE: Eclipse and Visual Studio.NET.
  • ActiveX (For Mainframe Connectivity): QPlexView.