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Mosaiq Purchaser

“Productivity grow faster, smarter, and more responsibly”

Mosaiq Purchaser
An industry strength, yet highly flexible, integrated purchasing management solution, Mosaiq Purchaser puts together all the necessary tools to automate daily supply requests and purchases.

Time-Wasting but Inevitable
In many organizations, filling requests for new supplies can be a dreadful task. Paper forms have to be manually filled and shoved up the company hierarchy of authorities for approvals. When they get buried on a supervisor’s desk, they can be buried forever. Meanwhile, work has to continue. A lot of headaches, a lot of wasted time and resources, and a lot of missed opportunities.

It can be simplified
Mosaiq Purchaser is an effective, reliable and scalable system that manages all the purchasing activities across your company from request origination to fulfillment. It is a web-based application, so it can be quickly and easily deployed on your intranet. The rules, procedures and levels of authority can be set to minimize inefficiency, while its history and tracking capability makes undue delays a thing of the past.

Why use Mosaiq Purchaser?

  • It improves transparency while reducing the complexity in getting needed supplies
  • The tracking facility of this system reduces the delays so common in conventional form-based procedure and shortens the cycle-time for supply replenishment, thus ensuring a consistent, high productivity level across your organization
  • Support for integration with budgeting, general ledger and other back-end systems as well as inventory management allows for better control of purchasing activities, prevents wastes and ensures quick ROI
  • You have the ability to choose the suppliers with the best performance in terms of pricing and turnaround time
  • Approval authorities can be automatically delegated, so that delays can be avoided when a supervisor or manager is on leave
  • Mosaiq Purchaser is developed based on your company’s already familiar messaging platform, therefore very little user training will be required
  • As it is an online system, Mosaiq Purchaser creates a “less-paper” environment


  • KPEI
  • Bratatex