Case Studies

  • mosaiq_distribution.png

    Mosaiq Distribution

    Indonesia has vast population with total around 200 millions that is spread out all over cities and islands. Unlike other countries in general, distribution business in Indonesia possessed unique characteristics, where most of retail market still can be considered as traditional markets. These traditional markets requires different approach, unlike modern market, especially in terms of pricing, discount & promotion, calender system as well as term payments.

    Due to the intense global copetition, slow growth in markets and different customer expectations, organizations have to reengineer their structures and streamline their processes in order to survive and excel in the competition.

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  • mosaiq_mobile1.png

    Mosaiq Mobile

    Mobile application has become one of company’s need, specifically for companies with business model that require high control and monitoring in field, such as distribution company, expedition, pharmaceutical and many others.

    The rapid technological development especially in information & telecommunication aspects is believed to make the above demands feasible. Mobile application is mostly run in mobile phone, considering the following:

    1. High number population using mobile phone in Indonesia, approximately up to 73% from total population
    2. Affordable mobile phone supported with Internet & Wi-Fi features

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  • logo-ipos.png

    iPOS – Integrated Point Of Sales

    Integrated, Accelerate and Maximize your retail companies. iPOS combine web base and desktop base to manage your sales and stock data for each branches.

    Difference between iPOS System and your current POS is data from each branches pushed to the cloud server and can be accessed through a web-based application that can be viewed anytime and anywhere.

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  • Better Textile Understanding

    Indonesia is one of the country that has the largest field of textile industry in the world. Right now, the competition in textile industry is facing tough rivalry from other countries like China and India. Globalization in this field has spread out, but Indonesia hasn’t ready to join the competition yet, especially from multiple economic crisis that occurs in this country. is a portal, developed in order to overpass such condition. First step of its strategy, is to an informational textile portal in Indonesia. When the industry has come up from its lethargic, we will develop to next stage, from B2B, market place, B2C, etc. Our objective is to urge technology transfer and wider the global market with proper solution.

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  • The First Indonesian Auction Portal

    Main Features:

    • Calendar, Auction Schedule, and information about product’s categories which is in recent auction
    • News and articles (about auctions)
    • Directories and information about auction companies
    • Stock, currency rates, and polling
    • Membership (registration, log, editing)
    • Banner management
    • Link

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