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Mosaiq Monitor

“Driving profitable sales through performance control”

Application package that enable companies with extensive field operations to effectively and efficiently track, manage and interact with their sales force. In consequence, helping companies achieving profitable sales while boosting their sales force productivities.

The Challenge
One of the most daunting tasks of pharmaceutical, distribution, logistics and any similar company is to manage and maximize the productivity of their sales force:
. How can they make sure that their sales forces fulfill their previously planned schedules?

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Mosaiq Purchaser

“Productivity grow faster, smarter, and more responsibly”

Mosaiq Purchaser
An industry strength, yet highly flexible, integrated purchasing management solution, Mosaiq Purchaser puts together all the necessary tools to automate daily supply requests and purchases.

Time-Wasting but Inevitable
In many organizations, filling requests for new supplies can be a dreadful task. Paper forms have to be manually filled and shoved up the company hierarchy of authorities for approvals. When they get buried on a supervisor’s desk, they can be buried forever. Meanwhile, work has to continue. A lot of headaches, a lot of wasted time and resources, and a lot of missed opportunities.

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Mosaiq Distribution

Indonesia has vast population with total around 200 millions that is spread out all over cities and islands. Unlike other countries in general, distribution business in Indonesia possessed unique characteristics, where most of retail market still can be considered as traditional markets. These traditional markets requires different approach, unlike modern market, especially in terms of pricing, discount & promotion, calender system as well as term payments.

Due to the intense global copetition, slow growth in markets and different customer expectations, organizations have to reengineer their structures and streamline their processes in order to survive and excel in the competition.

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Mosaiq Mobile

Mobile application has become one of company’s need, specifically for companies with business model that require high control and monitoring in field, such as distribution company, expedition, pharmaceutical and many others.

The rapid technological development especially in information & telecommunication aspects is believed to make the above demands feasible. Mobile application is mostly run in mobile phone, considering the following:

  1. High number population using mobile phone in Indonesia, approximately up to 73% from total population
  2. Affordable mobile phone supported with Internet & Wi-Fi features

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iPOS – Integrated Point Of Sales

Integrated, Accelerate and Maximize your retail companies. iPOS combine web base and desktop base to manage your sales and stock data for each branches.

Difference between iPOS System and your current POS is data from each branches pushed to the cloud server and can be accessed through a web-based application that can be viewed anytime and anywhere.

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“Indonesian Business Directory”

About is a complete business directory searcher machine managed by Infomedia Nusantara PT. It’s the first, the biggest, and the only business directory in Indonesia. This website has more than 700 thousand list databases, 3.000 business classifications, and always updated periodically.

Objective needs to improve the performance of business directory search engine with more accurate, fast, reliable and integrated with advertisement system. Enhance website with web 2.0 features and user experiance such as multi language, facebook integration, comment & rating, map, and social bookmarking.

Main Features

  • Business directory
  • Fast & smart search engine
  • Advertisement
  • Google map integration
  • Microsite
  • City guide
  • Mobile version


  • Web server : Apache
  • Database server : MySQL
  • Server script : PHP 5.2
  • CMS Framework : Drupal 6.20
  • Search engine : Sphinx Search engine
  • Test tools : Jmeter, WAPT, Webserver Stress Tool, Acunetix Web Scanner
  • IDE : Netbeans

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Press Release

PT Konsep Dot Net will participate in INDO INTERTEX Exhibition 2013. This exhibition will be held on April 18 – 21, 2013, from 10:00 am to 18:00 pm at Jakarta International Expo Hall D.

INDO INTERTEX is an exhibition organized by Peraga Expo, This exhibition was held almost every year. Through this exhibition, each companies will be able to do promotion and marketing their products for visitor who comes.
Today the world of technology being discussion of many people. The number of needs for technology, being background of the establishment of  PT Konsep Dot Net.

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DICARI: Sales Executive

PT Konsep Dot Net ( is an Information and Technology company, provides Software Development and Mobile Development Solutions.
Some of our clients are Bursa Efek Indonesia, Yellowpages, Rajawali Group, and so on. Now we provide an opportunity to anyone who has talent and strong commitment to join our professional team as:

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Mobile Division – Konsep Mobile

Untuk mempermudah user mengakses informasi mengenai divisi mobile, maka kami memisahkan website tersebut ke Awalnya kami menggunakan untuk divisi mobile. Tetapi cukup sulit bagi user untuk membedakan dengan (solusi enterprise / bisnis).

Selain itu, kami juga mengganti logo Konsep Mobile menjadi:

Saat ini website masih under construction. Setelah website yang baru selesai, maka website akan diredirect. Semoga teman-teman akan sering melihat logo ini di aplikasi mobile…

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