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Mosaiq Mobile

Mobile application has become one of company’s need, specifically for companies with business model that require high control and monitoring in field, such as distribution company, expedition, pharmaceutical and many others.

The rapid technological development especially in information & telecommunication aspects is believed to make the above demands feasible. Mobile application is mostly run in mobile phone, considering the following:

  1. High number population using mobile phone in Indonesia, approximately up to 73% from total population
  2. Affordable mobile phone supported with Internet & Wi-Fi features
  3. Mobile phone which supports Internet & Wi-Fi features, usually also supports various mobile application, such as mobile Facebook, Twitter, and many more
  4. Internet service in Indonesia is improving from time to time. Providers are competing in providing the best services with the cheapest rate to attract users.
  5. Internet coverage has almost reached all areas in Indonesia.

Mobile solution that is proposed can be used by most of mobile phone users, for Nokia/Symbian and Blackberry. Our target is to provide “business application that runs steadily in mobile phone“. In other word, we are trying to provide solution that still can run well even when the internet connection is not stable.



The use of mobile application is expected to achieve the following:

  1. Sales will allocate more of their time in operational work compared to administrative work at office.
  2. Minimizing human error in data entry to head office so that can reduce operational cost
  3. Minimizing hardware investment, because almost all users already have one or more mobile phone. Company will not need to provide desktop computer for each salesman.
  4. Motivate sales performance, since they are able to see their KPI real-time at anytime.
  5. Reduce server load, with less concurrent transactions.
  6. Real-time KPI for each Salesman that can be accessed from mobile phone at anytime, which support  manager in decision making.

Application Mosaiq Mobile that has been developed:

  Mosaiq Monitor Mobile   Mosaiq Distribution Mobile
  Feature (for Sales):

  • Entry Call
  • View Call
  • View Plan
  • View Performance

Feature (for Manager):

  • Sales Achievement
  • Sales Achievement by Class/Group
  • Achievement by Class/Group
  • Days in Field (DIF)





  • Visit control
    • Time Stamp Call
    • Call Failed Reason
  • Sales
    • Canvassing
    • Taking Order
  • Collection
  • Stock Management
  • Operational  Expense
  • Sales Achievement
  • Marketing :
    • Survey
    • Competitor Activity
    • Product Display
  • Operational Report :
    • Cash Report
    • Sales Rreport
    • Stock Report

The mobile application is equipped with facility “Sync Data”, Security, as well as User management.