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Prototype of IP Centrex and SOA Web Services Based

Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk., PT (TELKOM), is the largest InfoCom Company and full service and network provider in Indonesia. TELKOM and its affiliated companies provide fixed wire line, fixed wireless, mobile service, data & internet and other multimedia services, and network & interconnection. So far, TELKOM has implemented many applications with various platforms and technology such as Microsoft .NET technology and Java Technology. It is argued that, integrating these platforms is not simple, since each platform has their own behavior and standard.


The goal is to develop a portal that can integrate many services with various platforms at TELKOM and future TELKOM product that will be developed using SOA concept.

Main Features

  • News Aggregator
  • Book information from Amazon
  • Weather information
  • Google Web Service
  • Personal Directory
  • Corporate Directory
  • Call Management
  • Meet-Me Conference Service
  • Call Log
  • Customer Care
  • UDDI Registry

Solution developed IP Centrex and SOA Based Web Services Based Portal Java technology, .NET Framework, and MySQL database server. All services at TELKOM will be published as web services. This system will be used by Research and Development Centre at TELKOM to develop later TELKOM products for both internal and commercial use.