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Qestar MLM Application


PT Bintang Qualitas Jayatama is a Multi Level Marketing Company with over 1000 members. The main product of PT Bintang Qualitas Jayatama is Qestar 100, which is a 100-cc motorcycle. PT Bintang Qualitas Jayatama applies binary plan as its compensation plan. It is believed that, with a large number of members participating, problems in manage such as a large members is become unavoidable, especially when it is done manually.


Provides an application to manage over 1000 members at PT Bintang Qualitas Jayatama. Moreover, it is hoped that, with the application, members are able to view their down liner in graphical tree view.

Main Features

  • Product Management
  • Member Management
  • Tree View
  • Bonus Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Reports & Summary

Solution developed Qestar MLM Application using PHP technology, and MySQL database server.