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Learning Management System

Indosat Mega Media, PT (IM2), is a fully owned company by Indosat Tbk, PT. IM2 provide broad range of services and products of IP, Internet and multimedia. Its products and services vary from dial up connection, broadband internet, cable internet, Internet hot spot, web hosting, etc.

As part of corporate strategy, IM2 wants to build an online system that enables the management and delivery of learning contents and resources to IM2 internal and public community.


The goal is to provide e-learning solution for internal use IM2 as well as providing commercial e-learning solution that can be accessed publicly.

Main Features

  • Site Management
  • Menu Management
  • Registration and Activation
  • Assignment Module
  • Forum Module
  • Lesson Module
  • Quiz Module
  • Resource Module
  • Report & Summary
  • Teacher Management
  • Student Management

Solution developed a web based learning management system by customizing an open-source Learning Management System, Moodle. The systems developed uses PHP technology , Apache Web Server, and MySQL database server.