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Widyatama University Bandung – Indonesian World Records Museum (MURI) Job fair 2019

As the 46th Widyatama Institution Anniversary, Widyatama University Career Center will hold 46 hours non-stop Job Fair which will be recorded in – Indonesian World Records Museum (MURI).
Widyatama Career Center also will invite many companies to open job vacancies for many job seekers out there. This event will behold in Gedung Serba Guna (GSG) Widyatama University, Bandung for a half 2 (two) days or 46 hours non-stop as break the MURI record in 46th Widyatama Institution Anniversary.

The time of job fair will behold on Wednesday until Friday, July 24th to 26th 2019 on Gedung Serba Guna (GSG) Widyatama University in Jalan Cikutra No. 204 A Bandung. The opening will behold on Wednesday at 06.00 pm, and the closing will be held on Friday at 04.00 pm.

There is some main rundown in this event, such as:
1. Career Expo
Career Expo is an exhibition followed by many companies from many industries. In this event, the company who join the event will open vacancies and do recruitment. Widyatama also provides an extra room for some several companies to do Walk Interview or Psych test.

2. Company Presentation
Company Presentation is up to provide any company to represent and socializing their company profiles to job seekers. It also helps the job seekers to add insight and opportunity to apply their target company. All of the company that does a presentation is a participant of PAMERAN BURSA KERJA “Career Day 2019 46 hours non-stop”.



As a partner of PT Holahalo Mekar Konsep (HolaHalo Travel Marketplace), Konsep Dot Net will invite all of the job seekers to come to this exceptional job fair. PT Holahalo Mekar Konsep will attend the job fair and be a part of the participant to open the job vacancy booth in Widyatama University Bandung.

Don’t miss this opportunity, and be a participant of the job fair to break the history of MURI record!

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