Mobile Apps Solution

Building an innovative mobile app takes the right team

Our Member ~ Konsep Mobile  has years of end-to-end mobile app development experience in building highly innovative mobile apps that are first to market. We know how to do the hard stuff while completing the mobile app project on time and on budget.

Konsep Mobile onshore mobile app development team members are very senior engineers with deep technical leadership and back-end system integration experience. They created our mobile app development methodology that helps meet our deadlines and while avoiding excessive revisions.

How can we help you?

Working with Konsep dot Net you can quickly and efficiently create a strategy that will enable you to achieve these goals. Konsep dot Net Mobile App Strategy services helps you take that first step to define the right mobile app by leveraging our real-world experience to:

  • Devise a mobile app and mobile business strategy that enables streamlined decision making, priorities setting and team clarity
  • Scope and define high-value, high impact features that are innovative and differentiated in the marketplace
  • Design the right technical approach and back-end system interfaces
  • Size the Design and Development phases for a first release
  • A plan and ability to navigate challenging OS release requirements
  • A promotion and distribution plan that leverages efficient and effective social media promotional tactics
  • An analytics strategy to gather critical data about application use and to evolve your mobile strategy
  • A monetization strategy that returns economic investment and funds business growth

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